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Precise Carpet and Tile Cleaning Services is Central Florida’s leading experts on carpet and tile maintenance.  Serving both residential and commercial clients, we have over 20 years of experience cleaning carpets, natural stone tiles, ceramic tiles, wood floors and even outdoor pavers.  We have the capability and track record to best serve your needs.  Our founder, Byron Shaw, has mastered the many cleaning techniques necessary to make your home or business clean and pristine.  Our approach is tailored specifically to the needs of your floors ensuring the highest quality and quick reliable service.  Our promise to all our customers is:


Various Carpet/ Floor/ Upholstery Cleaning Methods:

Steam Cleaning of Bedroom“Steam Cleaning”- When anyone thinks of carpet and tile cleaning your first thought is “steam cleaning”, or more appropriately called hot water extraction. This is the gold standard of cleaning carpet because it penetrates deep into the carpet and pulls the dirt from deep within the carpet, not just the surface. 

Actually, steaming your carpets can damage the carpet fibers and carpet backing, causing them to fray.  Hot water extraction uses hot water and specific cleaning solutions, based on the type of carpet you have, to effectively loosen and remove dirt that lies deep within.  Here at Precise Carpet & Tile Cleaning we are experts in this method of cleaning for all various types of carpets, both commercial and residential.  All of our technicians are extensively trained to ensure the best results.

Bonnet Cleaning– Know by many different names, bonnet cleaning utilizes an absorbent pad that is attached to a rotary floor machine.  With its heavy-duty motor, the machine spins the bonnet which has been soaked with cleaning solution and essentially scrubs the dirt out of the carpet. 

Encapsulation Cleaning Method– Mostly used in commercial settings it is similar to the Bonnet Cleaning, in that it uses a scrubbing machine to apply chemicals.  The encapsulation cleaning method instead uses specialized chemicals that “encapsulate” the dirt and allergens and form crystals when they dry.  This makes it easy to remove dirt via regular vacuuming.  The main advantage to this method is that it is a low moisture method of cleaning carpets.  Use of this method allows your carpets dry very quickly, usually in about 30 min.

Cleaning Services Available

Clean Caret HallwayCARPET CLEANING

We provide full-service carpet cleaning for all types of commercial carpets to everyday shag carpeting found in homes. This service is intended to refurbish and intensify the colors found in carpet/rugs.  See more here…


Cleaning Tile and grout

Precise Cleaning Services specializes in tile and grout cleaning services. We remove heavy dirt and grime that gets built up on tiles and the grout with advanced tools and cleaning methods. See more here…

COVID 19 Sanitation – Amidst the ongoing pandemic, the need for a deep thorough cleaning has become more evident.  For the safety of your family, your customers, and yourself, we offer complete COVID 19 Sanitation using the most current methods available.  See more here…


Furniture is used on a daily basis both at home and at work.  Proper care and maintenance of your furniture will extend the life and quality of your couches and chairs.  Dirt, spills, dust mites, and bacteria can build over time in your furniture.  See more here…


Carpet Cleaning after remediation service

We are specialized in water restoration and remediation services. We have completed 100’s of jobs in and throughout Florida and a ready at a moment’s notice to help you out during this difficult time.   See more here…


Polished and clean wood floorsWe offer Wood Cleaning Services in which we use our latest high-tech machines that are fast and effective, we all do provide the polishing service.  See more here…


Clean Pavers and Pool DeckOur Team will help you in getting your Pavers and Pool Deck clean, we have been doing this for over 5 years now and we are experts in this.  See more here…

Grout Color Sealing

Grout color sealing allows for your grout to have a new clean grout surface without needing to replace the grout in most cases. … This will help make the grout uniform in color and helps prevent future discoloration while providing you an easier way to maintain your grout from daily or weekly cleaning.  See more here…

Mattress Cleaning

This is an overlooked service that many people don’t consider, but mattress cleaning can help improve the longevity of your mattress as well improve some health issues. By removing unseen mold, bacteria, dust mites that can affect you and your family’s overall health.  See more here…

Property management

Whether its apartment complexes, private homes, AirBnB or VRBO we have the capability to clean and maintain all your facilities. With proper regular maintenance you can be assured that you property is going to remain in pristine condition allowing you to continually charge premium rates from your renters.  See more here…

Our Founder

Byron Shaw is an experienced floor care specialist and business owner. Driven by his passion to deliver exceptional results to each client individually. He takes pride in providing the best experience possible and a promise of satisfaction guarantee.

As a small business owner Byron’s goals are to not only restore floors but to educate clients and help them make the best decision based on their individual needs and goals.

Byron’s passion for floor care can be traced back to 1999 a period in which Byron started a job as a floor care technician for a large commercial company. He spent 15 years working on his trade, He obtain several accreditations and recognitions for his work. He was promoted to a high-level management position a few years later, position which he held for 13 years prior to venturing out on his own.

Byron has worked in the floor care industry for 22 years, gaining experience in carpet cleaning, floor care, water damage and restoration and Janitorial cleaning. As a seasoned Floor care Specialist, he is passionate about advancing techniques and new floor care formulas in the industry. In addition to Floor care, he is also involved in Floor installation industry. Outside the office, Byron enjoys to play golf, fishing, and coaching youth football.

After many years of experience as a professional floor care specialist within the industry, Byron became the Founder and Owner at Precise Carpet and Tile since 2012. Driven by a mission to provide a higher level of floor care, Byron is best known for his ability to provide an exceptional service, while maintain the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, honesty, and fairness in his relationships with our customers and associates.

Company Founding Principles

Choosing a carpet and tile cleaning service can seem like a daunting task.  So many floor cleaning companies out there to choose from, but not all are created equal.  Here at Precise Carpet & Tile Cleaning we base our company culture and practices upon these founding principles:

  • Precision– This is the founding principle that all our decision and methods are based upon. We value precision so much that we had to include it in our name.  We commit to you that we will do everything with the utmost precision each and every time, the first time.
  • Honesty– We are not here to swindle or take advantage of anyone. We will tell you exactly what work needs to be done, how best to do it, and at a fair and honest price.  Our goal is to ensure that you will tell your family and friends of the great job we did, and that you would call us back the next time you need any type of floor cleaning service.
  • Integrity– Doing the right thing every time (especially when no one is looking) is key to developing trust between Precise Carpet & Tile cleaning and you. We strive to be transparent in all our actions and services. We follow through on our promises to you and do not make promises that we know we cannot keep.  If we cannot do something, we will tell you exactly that, NO false promises!
  • Reliable- We are here when you need us. Our commitment to you is to be on location on time and prepared to complete the work requested.  Delays do happen, but we work hard to minimize them and to not waste your time.  We have expanded our fleet to 4 truck mounted vans to better serve all your carpet and tile cleaning needs.
  • Trustworthy– You let us in your home or business to take care of your floors, upholstery, and other cleaning needs. That takes TRUST.   We will honor and respect that trust by using upmost care while on your property and completing the job as precise and efficient as possible.
  • Pursuit of Excellence- The attainment of excellence is a common goal among growth-oriented people. To have the ability to perform a skill at a much higher level than others is alluring.  Here at Precise Carpet & Tile Cleaning we push ourselves for this every day.  We provide continual training for all employees and our owner/operator is completely hands on.  Byron Leverages his 20 plus years of knowledge and experience to make sure that you get the BEST in customer service and cleaning service.
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