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At Precise Carpet and Tile our customer service and quality will not be surpassed.  We have been selected as one of the top companies to work with for years and are committed to making sure that you are satisfied with our work.  Whether it commercial or residential floor cleaning we have been called upon by some of the biggest companies in Central Florida.  They rely on the PRECISE Way in order to meet their floor cleaning needs.

The PRECISE Carpet Cleaning Method

Our company takes Celebration carpet cleaning business to heart.  If you are looking for a high-quality, customer-focused company to handle your carpet cleaning then you can depend on us.  Our technicians are highly and continuously trained to ensure that they are delivering the highest quality service to you. 

Celebration, Florida is a unique city that once people visit, they will never forget.  With all of the hype of tourism nearby, visitors expect great things on their visit.   And so, should you when hiring a carpet cleaning company to take care of your floors.  Precise Carpet and Tile is a local family-owned carpet cleaning company that even the largest employers in Osceola county rely on.  If you want the satisfaction of a great-looking, fresh-smelling carpet, then set up an appointment today for your FREE consultation.

Celebration Carpet Cleaning Experts

Precise Carpet and Tile provides you with the top, most extensive trained carpet cleaning professionals.  With decades of experience on their side, they have the skill and know-how to make sure our cleaning process is precise and that you are satisfied with the job.  At Precise Carpet & Tile our team will come out to your home or business and thoroughly evaluate each service upon arrival.  We have truck-mounted systems provide the best quality cleaning power guaranteeing that you are happy with your service.  Our cleaning agents are always eco-friendly, child and pet safe, giving your home or business the best results and leaving it fresh and safe for all.

More About Celebration

Celebration, Florida is a community founded by the Walt Disney Company in 1996.  Today, however, all properties in the community are privately owned. It is considered an example of “New Urbanism”, a concept based on how towns looked in earlier times. It focuses on walkability, neighborhood parks, convenient shopping, and traditional home designs. Although not located on the Disney resort properties, it is close. The original main entrance – Celebration Avenue – is on US-192 slightly more than one mile east of the I-4 interchange. A large golf course that wraps around the north and west sides of Celebration provides an effective sound buffer from busy adjacent highways.  In addition to a neighborhood town center, it has a large hospital complex involving a health care concept that was included in the original Celebration master plan.  This thriving neighborhood brings back the nostalgia of old towns and combines it with the excitement of one of the happiest places on earth.  A must-see if you are ever in Central Florida!

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