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Cleaning Tile and grout

Precise Cleaning Services specializes in all types of tile and grout cleaning services. We remove heavy dirt and grime that gets built up on tiles and grout.  With our advanced tools and cleaning methods we can deliver the highest quality results no matter what type of flooring you have in your home.  Whether you have ceramic tile, travertine, porcelain, or marble we can provide you with the best and most efficient methods of cleaning and maintain your floors.  With as many as 13 different types of flooring options, knowing how to best clean your floor and grout is essential in helping maintain the best look and quality of your floors. 

When do you need professional tile & grout cleaning?

Everyday!! (just Kidding)

Look for these signs to help extend the life or your tile and grout.

  1. Discoloration- whether its your grout lines or tile if you begin to see unintended variations in color throughout your tile floor, especially in your grout lines.
  2. Lack of Sealant- If your floor were not sealed after installation or you plan on re-sealing them again, then you will need professional cleaning before you apply the sealant. Be aware that not all sealants can and should be applied to all floors.  Our seasoned technicians and advise you on which sealant is best for your floor type.
  3. Pets Stains – We love our pets, and I am sure you do to. But they can leave your floors unintentionally stained. The oils from your pet’s fur can penetrate the grout and leave them looking dirty and dingy.  Pet urine can also lighten up the color of the grout, or damage it causing it to break up and come loose.
  4. Food and grease stains- accidents happen and at times your kitchen floors suffer as a result. Food and grease can damage the color and life of the grout in your kitchen floor.

The Precise Method

  1. Pre-inspection- Our technician will carefully inspect your tile flooring to determine the best cleaning method that will result in the highest quality clean possible.
  2. Pre-treat- After identifying any problem areas.  We will treat any stains or discolorations with eco-friendly products in order to maximize the cleaning process.
  3. Scrub with counter rotating brush (CRB)- Used in situations where there is heavy soil that needs to be loosened from the tile and grout lines.
  4. Hot Water Extraction- This is where the “MAGIC” happens.  Watch as all the dirt, grime and other unwanted particles get swept away by our powerful machines.
  5. Clearwater Rinse- Wash away any left over chemicals and dirt to leave you with a clean finish.
  6. Sealing of tile/ stone/ grout- (optional)- To protect the tile & grout, you can elect to have everything sealed ensuring a longer lasting floor.
  7. Clearwater water rinse- (optional, see #6)
  8. Air Movers- Your time is precious so we want to make sure that we get everything done as efficiently as possible.  We bring in powerful industrial air movers to make sure that we dry the floors up as quickly as possible.
  9. Final clean-up of work area and inspection. We want to ensure that you are happy with the results the first time. 

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