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The importance of cleaning your furniture’s upholstery cannot be understated here.  With years of use, your furniture builds up many allergens, dust mites, and sometimes even mold.  Precise Carpet & Tile can come out and thoroughly clean your furniture.  Here are the top 3 reasons why you should have your furniture regularly cleaned by a professional.

1. It Reduces Breathing Complications by Improving Air Quality and Reducing Allergens

Unclean air can be the source of impurities such as mites, mold, and mildew in the house. You may have been cleaning regularly, but have you been cleaning your upholstery? These could be the breeding ground for the air pests and could be the reason for your declining health. The recommended time for cleaning upholstery is at least once a week. If not, then your upholstery gathers the leftover contaminants and can cause abnormal breathing difficulties, trigger asthma attacks, and more. Living in a home where pollutants are aplenty is dangerous, but it can be ultimately prevented. Regular upholstery cleaning can prevent those health complications from happening.

As mentioned, the presence of dirt and other pollutants can stick to upholstery and endanger the individuals living in the space with impure air. The only way to completely remove pollutants and other harmful substances are to maintain a regular cleaning of upholstery and all the items in your house. Air quality is only as good as the dirtiest furniture in your house, so leave nothing to chance and hire an expert cleaning service to inspect all items and clean them out as necessary. We can completely eradicate the presence of dirt, dust, molds, and grime from where they’re sticking to your furniture’s nooks and crannies.

Not only molds, mildew, dirt, and dust accumulate around the house, but also some very persistent allergens such as pollen, dirt mites, and other undesirable bacteria which can prove to be a bothersome problem especially if a resident is suffering from breathing difficulty and allergies. Professional cleaning services not only clean your house and make it look all sparkly and orderly, but they also ensure that the microscopic harmful substances are removed as well. These experts know that leaving these pesky allergens thriving in your home can lead to serious health problems if left unchecked. This is one of the reasons why Central Florida homeowners hire Precise Carpet & Tile to do the cleaning for them- they do such a superb job in making their home clean and free from harmful contaminants that are invisible to the naked eye.

2. Improves Your Furniture’s Lifespan/ Reduces Repair and Maintenance Costs

You may not know it, but regular upholstery maintenance goes a long way in keeping your furniture functional for a long time. Sometimes homeowners get attached to a particular piece of furniture, but premature breakage or non-maintenance can force them to get new furniture for their homes. Regular cleaning prevents some of furniture’s greatest enemies, rust, dirt and molds, which can get inside and weaken its integral structure. A professional cleaning company can help extend your beloved furniture’s lifespan with the proper equipment and care.

Don’t want to shorten your furniture and home item’s lifespan prematurely? Regular cleaning helps prevent that. The carpet’s fabrics could get torn up, the curtains could be hopelessly stained, and the mattress in beds and couches could become lumpy and uncomfortable to sit on if you don’t subject them to regular upholstery cleaning. What’s more, you could potentially save up on repair costs on your upholstery by calling a professional cleaner like Precise Carpet & Tile to take care of it for you. 

3. Improves Your Furniture’s Overall Appearance

Have you ever seen furniture or upholstery that looks so old and worn out that you decide not to sit on them for fear of dust mites, bed bugs and pollen sticking on you? Regular cleaning can take care of that and make those furniture look new again. All homeowners would certainly want to improve their home’s general appearance, right? You can start by improving the appearance of one of the most important elements in your home, which is furniture and upholstery. While you have the option to clean it yourself, the end result won’t look as professional or as clean as the one that a professional cleaning service does. There might be a speck of dirt or a stain that refuses to go away, but having a professional cleaner can do a thorough job and expunge all that dirt and grime away from your upholstery.

At Precise Carpet & Tile we are committed to ensuring that you get the best service and clean the very first time out to your property.  Our technicians have ongoing training to make sure that quality of the work is our top priority.  Call us today (407-530-5753) to get your free quote!!

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