Wood Floor Cleaning & Polishing

Precise Carpet and Tile Services are the premier specialist with the most advanced training and equipment in order to maintain your wood floors. Our technicians will gently buff, wax, and polish your floors to remove any filth, debris, and stains, as well as bring out the natural shine in your wood floors.

Wood floors that have been professionally maintained are not only attractive to look at, but they help promote good ventilation and air quality throughout your home.

With so many different varieties of wood floors in today’s houses, it can be difficult to know which ones require water, no water, wax, or no wax. This form of cleaning does not have to be a difficult task.  Call and schedule an appointment with Precise Carpet & Tiles Cleaning and receive your FREE quote.

10 Best Ways to Protect your Floors

  1. Put down mats at all entrances

Dirt, trash, and other muck tracked in from the outside can ruin almost any type of flooring. When entering your home, make sure everyone wipes their feet. Even better, remove your shoes as you enter, especially if you’re wearing cleats or high heels, as they can dent or harm specific types of flooring.

  1. Clean up spills immediately

Cleaning up spills right away prevents your floors from warping, staining, or sustaining water damage, in addition to preventing mishaps like someone tripping on a slick surface.

  1. Sweep or dust mop regularly

Keeping your floors clean and free of dust, grime, debris, and pet hair will help avoid scuffing, scratching, and discoloration. This is something that the National Wood Flooring Association suggests you perform every day.

  1. Vacuum hard surfaces with care

Vacuum only the bare floor setting if you have hardwood, laminate, or vinyl flooring. Using a beater bar on these floors might damage them and make it more difficult to maintain fresh flooring.

  1. Give extra care to high-traffic areas

Vacuuming high-traffic areas of the home, such as entryways and hallways, on a regular basis is recommended, especially if you have carpet. If you don’t, dust and grime will become trapped in the fibers, making the carpet seem dingy and providing a health risk to persons who suffer from asthma or allergies.

  1. Wet mopping? Proceed with caution

Wet mopping is not necessary for some surfaces, such as luxury vinyl or porcelain tile. However, nearly no forms of hardwood flooring (or laminate, for that matter) are waterproof, so mopping them with a wet mop can do significant damage. Standing water can also stain or mar the finish of your floor. If your retailer carries manufacturer-recommended flooring cleaners, inquire about what they have on hand.

  1. Avoid harsh chemicals when maintaining new floors

Many types of floors can be discolored or damaged by-products containing ammonia, bleach, or other harsh chemicals. When your floors require a deeper clean, use product-specific cleaning solutions. Many manufacturers sell cleaning products specifically designed for their hardwood, laminate, or vinyl flooring; ask your shop if they have any on hand.

  1. Deep clean your carpet

The Carpet and Rug Institute recommends having your carpet professionally deep cleaned every 12 to 18 months, which removes embedded dirt and grime. Keeping your carpet clean can help prevent you, your friends, and your pets from tracking this dirt onto your wood floors which can in turn scuff and damage them over the long term

  1. Use window treatments

Long-term sun exposure can cause some items, such as hardwood and luxury vinyl, to fade or discolor. If your new flooring is in a room with a lot of direct sunshine, make sure to close the curtains or blinds during the times of day when the sun is the most intense. You may also use area rugs to assist prevent fading or use UV-resistant flooring options like laminate.

  1. Mind your furniture

Avoid scratches by lifting and carrying furniture over your floors – never drag it! To prevent indentation, use floor protectors on heavier pieces of furniture or appliances.

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